Thursday 28 August 2014

2014-08-28 - Defeated the barbarian general

Mostly played World of Tanks today, as it has the "free premium accounts" long weekend event going on, but got no achievements there.

Got one easy achievement in this Windows Phone game. It just took couple of battles and few lost units and got the 10G achievement in no time.



Sunday 10 August 2014

2014-08-10 - World of Tanks - 2 achievements

Got 2 achievements today in this fun Tank killing game.

The first one was bound to happen sooner or later - "Got Lucky!" - kill someone when your tank is immobile. The immobility happens often as you take hits from left or right. Just happened to kill someone while my tank was not able to move.

The second achievement "Sniper" was also relatively easy for me as my gaming style is usually being the spotter who rushes ahead and then relays enemy positions to teammates or a sniper who tries to kill enemies from a distance and avoid taking damage.


2014-08-10 - Ice Age Village - Most Famous

Got the Most Famous achievement today. It was bit tricky to get as this Gameloft game online functionality is broken. On most times you just cannot log into the online part of it with your Gameloft account, and on rare occasions when you can, you cannot do anything online, there is no possibility to add friends or visit random villages.


2014-08-10 - Hexic time

Only game played today with achievements was Hexic (on Windows 8).

Got 2 achievements: Boost Blossom and Color Clearing. Boost Blossom was bit tricky as you need to plan your moves to get them special hexes next to each other. The Colour Clearing was just "grinding" achievement that you get sooner or later in the game.