Monday 30 September 2013

WWE '12

Popped in new game today - WWE '12 ... I know it has been out for ages, but it was new to me to play.

First impressions are not too great :( Not sure if it is because I am European and never lived in WWE broadcasting coverage area, or is it just that the game is little bit "dumb".

There are not much instructions what to do and how. Lot of button smashing involved, lots of funny story about the modern gladiators (scripted) rivalry. Even on easy settings it is bit hard for me (hopefully it improves over time).

During my first day I got 60Gs and 4 achievements. I think I need to concentrate on the online achievements ASAP, as the functionality will be going down in end of October 2013 (source:

Saturday 21 September 2013

Microsoft Mahjong

Great little Windows 8 game with few easy to obtain achievements. Basically had to change once how the game looks, and Complete one hard Puzzle. :)

Completed the game quite quickly - 3 achievements and 25G - on 21st September 2013

Microsoft Solitaire

Not many achievements on this game - only 3 and worth total 40 points. But as I have Win 8.1 on my multiboot laptop, I went for it!

NB. This game was free to download from Microsoft Store, so I cannot complain, or can I?

Last achievement unlocked on 21st September 2013

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Microsoft Minesweeper

This Minesweeper is little bit different what is the "good old Minesweeper" that did not change its looks through Win 98, 2000, XP. Still playable tho. :)

This game has 4 achievements, all were relatively easy, the most challenging was definitely the "Good Memory" (Completed a minefield for the first time without using any flags) - that took some proper planning and double checking before marking a square "safe to remove".

The game is free, so those 50G did cost me nothing but little time on my Windows 8 machine. :)

Game was completed on 17th September 2013