Wednesday 27 February 2019

Stepping up the game ...

Finally got myself registered on Instagram. :)

As the 3 letter usernames are not available, I chose the next best thing - 5 letter one - same as my domain name:

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Warframe - WTS vaulted relics

Hi everyone,

I am sitting on big amount of vaulted relics and instead of keeping hoarding them, I might as well sell some of them to other Warframe players.

So here is my big WTS post, take a look at the 2 screenshots from below. Waiting for offers to my XBL inbox.

So if you see something you need, post me a price offer on Xbox Live where my GT is Ex6

Brief explanation:

  • If you see "0" under amount - it means I don't have any of this vaulted relic.
  • If you see a single number under amount - this is the amount of intact vaulted relics I have
  • If you see "number+number" - first number is intact relics, second number is improved relics (few exceptional but in most cases they are radiant).
Axi: 265
Lith: 1037
Meso: 637
Neo: 930

Total: 2869 vaulted relics (Updated on 26th February - few are now sold, plenty still left)