Tuesday 24 January 2017

Warframe credit farming - rules and suggestions

Hi folks, this is a post I made initially Warframe Xbox One Facebook group about my ideas and suggestions of good credit farming.

Don't take it as strict rules that you must do and must not do, but as suggestions what would IMHO work and what would not work so good, if your aim is to get lots of credits in the game.

The Rules:
  1. Bring a Secure Lecta
    Have it equipped and use only that to maximize the profit. You can bring primary and secondary weapons as "backup" but use them only as last resort and make sure they are holstered and not active during melee attacks.
  2. Stay close to the pod
    Share the XP/credits with other players by staying close to each other.
    It is sometimes tempting to chase down some enemies that run away from the pod (only do it if it is the last enemy or one that is stuck in the wall on another side of the map).
  3. Mix of frames
    One desecrating Nekros is a must for endless supply of health orbs and the extra loot. Speed nova will make the bad guys come to the pod faster... Maybe bring a frost and put a bubble around the pod to make the enemies slow down around the pod.
  4. Do not use WF powers that can kill
    Let the Lectas do all of the killing (so do NOT use The Shadows, no World on Fire, etc.)
  5. No animals, no weapons on companions.
    Don't bring your favorite kubrows or kavats to credit farm and don't equip weapons on companions. Carrier or something else with vacuum mod equipped is recommended to make loot grabbing easier.
  6. Mods and auras.
    This could deserve their own page about this, but I keep it short.

    In essence anything goes. If every lecta has different damage type that might help to kill bad guys faster. But build your Lecta with gas damage - it makes most sense, as you would be farming credits on infested map.

    As Nekros would provide tons of health orbs, rejuvenation is not going to be useful at all. I recommend everyone having "Steel Charge" equipped because it: "increases normal melee attack damage by 10% per rank, for a maximum of 60% at max rank. Stacks with other teammates using it for a maximum of 240% normal melee attack damage."

    "Coaction Drift" of a frame is strongly recommended as it "when maxed, will increase your aura's strength by 15% × (1 + 15%) + 15% = 32.25% for yourself, and 15% for everyone else. When combined with Steel Charge, it will increase your melee damage by 1.3225 × 60% = 79.35%, and increase your squadmates' melee damage by 1.15 × 60% = 69%".

    Also having "(Primed) Pressure Point" and "Spoiled Strike" on the whip would help as those 2 combined with the 2 frame mods would "boost an individual player's melee damage by 298%. (343% if you have Primed Pressure Point)".
  7. Location, location, location.
    Most people would say Akkad, but I personally would recommend Kala-Azar. Its the exactly the same familiar map, but it has much bigger chance of getting Axi and Neo relics (I usually get 2 or 3 relics when doing 20 waves. Few times even 4 relics out of 20 waves).
  8. Duration
    I suggest 20 or 40 waves because of the A, A, B, C rotation. Surviving even longer in a good team should not be an issue - but it pays to be careful and save the progress often. I don't want to suggest doing too long runs as few times the game has not been able to update and all progress has been lost.

Any other rules or suggestions to add?
Send me a message over XBL. My gt is Ex6