Wednesday 9 November 2016

Warframe resources and where to mine them

Today's post is about resources in Warframe and where to mine them.

Resources drop "randomly" in the missions you do, but you can also send out extractors to mine planets for resources. They will do it automatically, even when you are not in the game. Smaller extractors take 4 hours and bigger ones 8 hours to finish mining.

In the beginning I used to send out extractors to "random" planets because all resources are good, but now as I have made my life bit easier - I created this one-page sheet to help me quickly look up what resource can be mined on what planet.

Most planets have 4 resources and when you send extractor to that planet you have 25% chance of getting the resource you want. Only exception to the rule is Pluto what has 5 resources so 20% chance.

You can download the PDF file here: Warframe resources and where to mine them

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