Tuesday 8 October 2013

Account is currently unavailable

Spooky Microsoft.

I tried redeeming an XBL live code today but it failed from console and from website. Got error 80150101.

Microsoft's own error explanation page was not very helpful: Error 80150101 occurs when you try to download content from Xbox Live.

I was thinking maybe I got scammed at eBay and I maybe got bad code from the seller ... I was doubting that, as the same seller has provided reliable service in past.

I wanted to contact MS support to look into this, when I found out at their support page, that it is not me, it is them. They are having major problem with accounts on different platforms:

So I am stuck being free member for now. :(

Update - 90 min later, the account is fixed, 3 months of gold status has appeared!!!

Just finished downloading Might & Magic Clash of Heroes (free for Gold Members from 1st till 14th October - regular price €14.39) and its free add-on: "M&M Clash of Heroes Advanced opponents!" :)


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