Sunday 24 November 2013

2013-11-24 - Another day with 40G in Lego Star Wars TCS

Another day has passed, when I only played Lego Star Wars TCS. And again I got 2 achievements worth 40G. Both achievements are "stupid" grinding achievements. For the "Lightsaber master" I just had to hit my "player 2" 20 times with un-blockable combo attacks. What this means is that you have to use a Jedi character and do a special sword hit on someone (press "X" 3 times in a row). Easy when you know what to do exactly... but pointless.

"The Dodger" is similar - you have to dodge incoming blaster charges by jumping out of its way when it is just about to hit you. Grinding what it is - just wait and jump wait and jump till it popped.

Those achievements do not make me proud, but they are needed if you want to get to 100% game completion! :)

Rest of the achievements are soon to follow! BTW - I managed to find, unlock and buy all stud multiplayers today. I am earning sweet amount of studs even without trying ... that is what 2x + 4x + 6x + 8x + 10x gives you: 3840 x multiplayer

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