Friday 29 November 2013

2013-11-29 - 70G in Lego Star Wars TCS

Today I was busy studying, running errands and at the evening visiting a comedy club - never the less, managed to do some gaming in-between and get 2 achievements in Lego Star Wars TCS.

You can probably already guess how I got the easy 10G achievement (just check my earlier TCS posts).

The "Collector" achievement was bit more tricky. Basically what the problem was ... I had all characters unlocked and bought besides one. Last character was hidden and unknown to me. The missing one was unlocked by following: go to the extras room (where you can build 6 golden gates from the bricks you unlock / buy during the game). That has room has a doorway labelled "Trailers". Enter and watch the Indiana Jones trailer, when done Indy he becomes available to buy at the character shop. After buying Indiana Jones - I got the 60G achievement.

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