Tuesday 26 November 2013

2013-11-26 - 3 achievements in 3 minutes

Today I had busy day, long training session, lots of phone calls, went out for shopping and library.

In the end of the day found 5 minutes to get 3 super easy achievements done... literally it took me one minute each to get them. All it took was to use 2 controllers, select needed characters for both controllers, launch a level, use controller 1 to kill character controlled by the idle controller 2 and BANG - there is the achievement.

Expect similar easy achievements tomorrow evening, as I have even more busy day ahead of me. I need to wake up around 5.30 to take 6.30 local bus to the capital. Then take another bus to travel another big city 3 hours away. After having there one important meeting I have few hours for playing tourist and then I am heading back the same route.

Here is my daily screenshot and link to my profile:


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