Saturday 30 November 2013

2013-11-30 - Last day of November

This November was sent out in style. Played 4 games, got achievements in 3 of them, 125G in total.

Lego Star Wars TCS - as the end is near, the G-s from game are growing. Got 3 achievements total worth 100G

The Disco achievement come unexpectedly when I was re-playing missions and hunting for the unclaimed mini-kits and red bricks. The last Disco was in some hidden room, where I was not able to go during normal gameplay. Harmless achievement was another one that was easy to do with 2 controllers and selecting R2D2 for one player and Droidikas for second player. Last but not least, the 60G Red Brick Master - this is quite easy just a time consuming one.

Also managed to see a bug in the game, at one point of gaming it claimed I have found 11 mini-kits out of possible 10 in one level. :) :) :)

One mini-kit too many?

Then I played little bit Wheelman again, and managed to get one easy achievement in that one:

In end of the day played a game that I have not touched for couple of months - AC3

Played couple of rounds in multiplayer and got one achievement in it. Did not have to much to get it - just had to be in the winning team. :)

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