Sunday 15 December 2013

2013-12-15 - Lego Indiana Jones - 100%

Whoop, there it is... Lego Indiana Jones completed... after 4.5 years of being shelved...

We go for a ride was easy, all I needed to do is find a location where you can swing back and forward and then keep pressing B for a while ... at the same time I was watching some TV.

Disarming achievement was bit more tricky, as you can only disarm enemies from specific distance. Do it from too far, and you don't reach enemy, when too close, it will not disarm them. The last one was THE BIG headache. It was "glitched" for me as for many other people according to forums. I managed to kill multiple times 6 troopers at same time in "Motorcycle Escape" but the achievement did not appear. Same problem in "Escape the mines" - blowing up 5+ enemies did not pop the achievement. Luckily when trying it in the level with bunch of spiders - "Pankot secrets" - there I eventually got it.


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