Sunday 29 December 2013

2013-12-29 - 10 achievements in a day

Phew, what a day... 4 different games / 10 achievements

Started the day (actually night, as played between midnight and 2AM) - "new" game: WSOP - Full House Pro. It is free to play game, that I downloaded some time ago, just never got around to play it.

I am not big gambling game fan, because I tend to be unlucky person, what becomes to "games of chance" and lotteries and such. Still, had some fun in the game and got 4 achievements in it.

At normal hours I played a little multiplayer in AC3. Did not play for long, but got one of the "silly" achievements done. :)

Then came the daily dose of Kung Fu fighting - 4 levels mastered, 4 achievements.

Last but least - decided to fire up again one old but good arcade game - Defence Grid. It's a game I have not played for long time - last achievement in the game was from 2nd February 2012.

Today I played through several missions in the campaign mode and then replayed one mission and tried to get the gold medal ... and like you see from below, I did.

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