Wednesday 18 December 2013

2013-12-18 - Turtles and Robots

You guessed it ... I am still stuck with shooting robots and fighting crime dressed as a turtle. :)

Nothing too complicated in the TMNT game. Finish 2 levels, get 2 achievements.

In the arcade game Shoot Many Robots, spent most time playing it online. Managed to get some of the more complicated achievements done today. The "Slotally Tober Saughter" (Beat a tough mission without the aid of beer or resurrection!) was quite hard. I had to make sure I dodge the missiles and stay out of trouble as much as possible, and when I found trouble and got myself to low on health, I had to resist the urge to push the "heal me" button.

And I cheated a bit with "Number One Tugnut" (Got first place in a four player mission!). We used 2 consoles, 2 players connected to each, and then basically only I was playing and other people just moved their characters closer and closer to the finish line. :)

That's how we achievement whores roll, I guess... :P

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